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Total Branding Service

The last push for decision-making for people would be corporate identity and
branding while the commoditization of products and services is accelarated with advanced technologies.

Our offer will be a full tailor-made branding with our philosophy and vision.


Branding to eliminate
what you do not
want to do

Branding is not just about attracting
customers, it's also about motivating
improving service and
RADIOBOOK's branding is not about
passively creating an image of your
company or service,
but about actively
communicating your vision and
eliminating the things you don't want to
so that you can focus on the things
you do want to do.

  • Unmatched recruitment
  • Lack of competitiveness
  • Advertisement expenses
  • Others

Enhance corporate value through branding

  • Focus on what management wants to do

  • =
  • Creating a situation where only concentrating on
    what management wants to do

Enhancing corporate value through branding is connected to
three resources of business management

Flow of branding

Based on your request and inquiries, we will build your branding by the following flow.

  • Hearing

    Interview what your company wants to achieve in detail.
  • Brush up

    Brushing up and organize the items, and building up vision based on interviews.
  • Create a vision map

    The map-like diagram will be created based on vision and philosophy.

RADIOBOOK also led to significant success by creating a vision map

The results of clear MISSION / VISION / VALUE
  • Bringing specialists in each field together who are sympathetic to the idea
  • Growing sales and profit since its foundation in 2014
Suggested plan
Total package plan Total package plan
  • Create your brand logo

    The official logo for merchandising or sponsorship.
  • WEB site production

    Creating a WEB site that has been subjected to consciousness about design aspects of the landing, and SEO
  • Photoshoot

    For your media exposure and crowdfunding dedicated to your vision
  • Operation of your SNS

    Operation and creation of individual or corporate SNS to gain more followers


Consistency in response

Crowdfunding specialized plan Crowdfunding specialized plan

Taking advantage of our experience on massive success like Remake easy,
we support your project from the beginning to PR strategy.

Exclusive membership sundae bar「Remake easy」Crowdfunding Exclusive membership sundae bar「Remake easy」Crowdfunding
Select plan Select plan

We assign our specialist on your particular need such as focusing only on web site.


RADIOBOOK's main business is the purchase, sale,
repair and rental service of smart phones and PCs, but we made a loss of 50 million yen
in our first term, all the directors and employees quit and we started over in the second term with
only one person, and we managed to make a V-shaped recovery to this day.

One of the factors that made our rebranding as
"i+Remaker" a success was the visualisation and sharing of our vision.

I hope to use this experience to help others with
similar problems to eliminate their reluctance to do things.
If you are interested in RADIOBOOK's branding services, please feel free to contact us.

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