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i+RemakerSOS (Smart On demand Service)

We eliminate any troubles of mobile devices. Repairing is not widely recognized option when your smartphone is in trouble. Repairing is the option for those who want a cheaper option. Buying a new phone is also option for those who want a new phone instead of repairing. We provide a wide range of services such as buying, selling, setting, and renting, as well as repairing. Our primal vision is to remake the smartphone life with users.


i+Remaker PREMIUM

i+Remaker PREMIUMConcierge of your mobile devices

i+Remaker Premium is the upper-grade service of us. We provide one-stop solution for those who are too busy to take care of their smartphones. The service is including maintenance, repairing and model change of your smartphone.



BRANDINGTotal branding

There are potential opportunities for business owners who have attractive business without strategic corporate branding. We provide total branding services including designing, web solutions, photography, movies, and writing. We are flexible for any kind of business, and also open for partial demands, such as renewal of your web site.


Yariyara town

Yariyara townOnline community

Yariyara Town is a city where exists in the internet. We provide free smartphone repairing and dental whitening as well as Yugo’ s daily blog and event organization for 1,000 yen a month. It is also a job exchange platform where you can ask someone who is willing to do your unwant. There is a regular job supply from Radiobook it self as well. There is a career path where you would join Radiobook on a regular basis from this platform.



Company Name
Ohno Building #2 8F 3-8-10, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
July 1. 2014
Scuderia Ferrari S.p.A. / DMM.com LLC / DMM Africa / Rakuten Bank, Ltd. / EDION Corporation Bank, Inc / Jiraffe Inc. / H.I.S. Impact Finance Co.,Ltd. / HUIS TEN BOSCH CO.,Ltd. / H.I.S.Mobile Co., Ltd. / NIPPON TELEPHONE INC. / IOSYS Co., Ltd./Ubiregi Inc.
Yugo Itagaki
  1. One-stop smartphone total solution:
    • Repairing
    • Buying & Selling
    • Insurance
    • Private business lisensing
  2. Event produce


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CEO messageCEO message

This is Yugo Itagaki, CEO of Radiobook., Inc.

Yariyara stands for “Do not do what you do not want to do” , otherwise “Do only what you want to do” . It is my philosophy and also is the title of my book.

For example, I am terrible at documentation. If someone is willing to documentation, I will let him or her to do that for mutual happiness.

I am rather good at making a brand concept and strategy. So I will help if someone is in a struggle with the concept-making or strategy-building.

In this way, I am thinking if your unwillingness can be exchanged to someone’ s willingness, everyone is going to be happier.

No more don’ t want all over the world is our corporate mission.

We are currently operating 4 businesses;

  • Mobile smart on demand service
  • Mobile concierge service for wealthy people
  • Branding service
  • Community service

There is a world-wide possibility to achieve Yariyara in our smartphone-related business. Smartphones changed the human lifestyle where you could connect anywhere in the world.

Smartphones are almost part of our body and very important for us.

However, there is no particular maintenance for smartphones although they are irreplaceable for us.

Also it is quite inconvenient when you have to wait for long que in the store if your smartphone is broken, or transferring data when you change your device.

We would like to solve your troubles regarding smartphones. We provide one-stop solution including maintenance, repairing and model change of your smartphone. We strongly believe that the comfortable smartphone life makes everyone smile and happy considering the number of people who have smartphones.

If you are interested, you are always welcomed to come to the office in Shibuya. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Yugo Itagaki
CEO Radiobook., Inc.


RADIOBOOK 株式会社 CEO 板垣 雄吾(いたがき ゆうご)

Foundar of Radiobook., Inc. Born in 21st Feb 1980. Father of two children.
He experienced indies debut during the college period as a vocalist of Slash. The band is dissolved due to graduation and job hunting of other members, although the reputation of band was rising mainly in stadio like eggman, famously known in Shibuya.

After the graduation, he became a part of U-FILE CAMP, a professional martial arts gym run by Kiyoshi Tamura.

He retired through couple of matches as a professional, he started e-commerce operation as a self-employed, focused on selling training kits and euglena products.

In 2014, he initiated iPhone reparing service in TSUTAYA, and then founded corporate entity.
Though the contenius grouth in sales, the business was in short of $500k due to the rise in payroll.

In 2015, the business has reached $2m sales for a shop as a result of rebranding of the repairing service as i+Remaker.


  • Yugo Itagaki

    CEO / Artist
  • Mariko Higashi

    COO / SE
  • Mikisy

    Accounting / General Affairs / Legal Affairs
  • Ryotaro Uemoto

    Internal Control / YouTuber 
  • Takashi Maeda

    Creative Director / Comic Artist
  • Takahiko Anjo

  • Akio Yoshino

    Media Division Manager / Planning Manager
  • Shintaro Tabata

    Marketing strategy / Advisor
  • Kiyoto Hagiwara

    Creative Officer