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About Yari-yara town

Among the many online communities,
our biggest feature is the benefit of offline services including smartphone repair.

It is also a job exchange platform where someone's unwanted
will be exchanged with someone's want.
RADIOBOOK is offering many jobs there.
We are assuming a career path to join RADIOBOOK as a member.


  • Facebook group Facebook group

    Day-to-day communication will be made in Facebook groups. There are many people with different occupations in the town. You can also read an exclusive column of YUGO, our CEO.

  • Use of subscriptionUse of subscription

    Yari-yara Town is a town on the Internet. It is an analogy of the real town where you can receive unique services based on the tax, you can join our subscription for our unique benefits.


It began to change the way of thinking for the "work" of mankind since artificial intelligence and robot have been developed.
Soon, the work is going to be more than mere labor. In this paradigm shift, Yari-yara-town is
launched to produce the basis of works you want to focus on.

We have more than 20 clubs for people who want to share
writing, design, photos, and business management as well as the job exchange platform.
You have unlimited choices for how to use this opportunity. You can brush up your skills,
just browse posts, or you can communicate by comments.

We would like people to find what they want to do through the town activities and find a job
with people's real interest.

Please contact us
from the following form for inquiries.

Feel free to contact us. Our recruitment info is here.