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Remake easy

Members-only sundae bar
smartphone repair

About Remake easy

Remake easy is a brand-new integrated bar
integrated sundae bar and smartphone repair shop.

You can enjoy the best sundae with seasonal fruits with luxury champagne and wine.
You would feel the repair time very short with your luxury time.

Repairing time becomes entertainment through our experience.


Members-only hidden site

Anyone would not imagine a part of an ordinary building can be a luxury space.
Only our members know the location. You can also enjoy the priviledge of knowing where we are.

Monthly delux sundae

The sundae menu changes every month.

We provide mango in summer, peaches, and muscuts in autumn,
and strawberries and chocolate in winter, made by our chef in a well-known steakhouse.

Once-in-a-lifetime paring cocktail

Photogenic cocktail paring is served
for you with a seasonal sundae.

We also serve alcohol-free cocktails for those who allergic.


We found it an opportunity when people are killing their time while the smartphone is repaired
since people lost the means of communication.

The world became a difficult place when people go out and see face to face.
Scarcity of the spending time outside is increasing, we think.
If you go to one of the repair shops, which is crowded and you have to wait for a long time.
We would like to save your precious time you spend outside and
decided to open Remake easy to change your repairing time special.

Also, we would like to spot remakers who repair mobile devices,
and make their life better with the right evaluation.
Although the value of mobile devices increased,
the remakers' value has not been evaluated that much.
They are doctors of our second body.
We created the atmosphere where the spotloght is focusing on their hands while repairing.

Please contact us
from the following form for inquiries.

Feel free to contact us. Our recruitment info is here.