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Remake easy

Members-only sundae bar
smartphone repair

About Remake easy

Remake easy is a brand-new integrated bar
integrated sundae bar and smartphone repair shop.

You can enjoy the best sundae with seasonal fruits with luxury champagne and wine.
You would feel the repair time very short with your luxury time.

Repairing time becomes entertainment through our experience.


Members-only hidden site

Anyone would not imagine a part of an ordinary building can be a luxury space.
Only our members know the location. You can also enjoy the priviledge of knowing where we are.

Monthly delux sundae

Our parfait menu changes monthly.

Mangoes in summer, peaches and muscats in autumn, strawberries and chocolate in winter, and other flavors that represent the season are supervised by one of Japan's top patissiers.

Once-in-a-lifetime paring cocktail

Photogenic cocktail paring is served
for you with a seasonal sundae.

We also serve alcohol-free cocktails for those who allergic.


The reason I decided to start Parfait Bar was because I wanted to do something
about the wasted time when people repair smartphones.

There are many smartphone repair shops in the city,
but no matter where you go, it's always crowded and the waiting time is long.
I don't want people to waste their precious time outside.
I decided to open this parfait bar, "Remake easy",
so that even the time you spend fixing your phone can be special.

Based on the concept of the world between reality and empty dream,
the restaurant offers each story of the drink, eat and talk to experience,
and offers a vintage and modern space that is unimaginable from the hustlevof the city
as soon as you get off the elevator.
The atmosphere is distinctive and unique.
We offer a unique and luxurious experience with bronze walls that accentuate the atmosphere of the store, a stationary smartphone charger at the counter table,
and smartphone repairs that can be completed during the time you enjoy your parfait.

Please contact us
from the following form for inquiries.

Feel free to contact us. Our recruitment info is here.